Unique qualities

The hydraulic test equipment contains a number of unique features, which have proven their added value in practice and which were developed in close coordination with our customers.

Examples are:

  • Improved closed loop: the continuous, automatic and thorough cleaning, degassing and dehumidification of the hydraulic oil in the aircraft, as a result of which the safety and handling of the aircraft are improved and maintenance time is reduced
  • AA-GIO®: unique measuring system for un-dissolved gasses in the oil within the hydraulic system of the aircraft
  • Multifunctional test equipment, the MFAGE® series in which a number of GSE functions are combined
  • Computerized test equipment as a result of which the equipment automatically sets the desired test parameters for the aircraft and excludes the human error.

Examples of this for vehicle applications are:

  • Fit to Tyre: adjustable distance between the two individual rollers of one pair for optimal flexibility in terms of wheel-diameter / ground clearance
  • Simultaneous testing of all wheels; up to 5 axles, resulting in a constant test time independent of the number of vehicle axles
  • Modular construction, which can be implemented per axle, even after the assembly as upgrade.