Testing Aircraft and Helicopters

Sun Test Systems develops and manufactures mobile test equipment for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters.

The product range consists of:

  • A complete line of hydraulic test equipment for every helicopter or aircraft size. This equipment is able to fully clean and regenerate the hydraulic oil of the airplane from air, water and particles during hydraulic test activities. By integrating these two functions our equipment saves maintenance time and reduces repair work because of less leakages of the hydraulic system etc.
  • The multifunctional product line which combines a number of GSE functions, such as hydraulics, electricity, air, nitrogen, lighting, in one single unit.
  • The other product lines with among other things a dye mix trolley for display teams and washing equipment for fuselages and engine cores.

Our close cooperation with the German and British military forms the basis for the extensive product range. The products are designed and built to combine heavy use by the military with severe conditions encountered in desert areas or extreme cold.  They have built up an extensive ‘proven track record’.

Advantages of using Sun Test Equipment: