About us

Safety in the air and on the road. Sun Test Systems has become a specialist in this matter. Since 1931 we design and manufacture high-quality test equipment for the aviation and automotive industry world-wide. Our expertise and the reliability of our products are based on many years of experience. Our test equipment has been developed for testing and supporting commercial and military aircraft and helicopters. Besides test equipment for the aviation industry, we also design and build integrated end-of-line test solutions for the automotive world.

Our customers are the end-users of powered ground support equipment and aircraft component test equipment, and we like to consider them as partners. In many cases equipment is developed in close coordination with them. A number of our unique features originate from this development work. Especially the mobile ground support equipment excels in ruggedness, ease of operation and maintenance and excellent operational characteristics. Every day our products prove their reliability world-wide for numerous aircraft, helicopters and vehicles in the most demanding operational environments.