Increased flight safety due to extremely clean hydraulic oil

All equipment of Sun Test Systems feature the Improved Closed Loop system. This unique system ensures that the oil in the entire hydraulic system of the airplane is continuously and automatically cleaned, degassed and dehumidified during hydraulic testing. As a result of this the handling features of the airplane and the safety in the air will improve, but also the hydraulic system of the airplane is protected against wear and tear and corrosion due to air and moisture.

Saving costs and space in logistic footprint, up to 70%!

By using our multifunctional test equipment, whereby a number of GSE  functions are combined in one compact device, costs, weight and savings on space on the logistics footprint up to 70% are realized.

Recently operations of our customers have convincingly proven this again. See further our multifunctional product range.

Increased availability of the aircraft  and low cost

The use in practice of the test equipment by a number of prominent defence organisations has shown that the test and cleaning system of Sun Test Systems results in an increased  availability of the airplane or helicopter compared with using traditional GSE’s.

This can be attributed to the application of the Improved Closed Loop system, as a result of which unscheduled  maintenance to the aircraft is avoided and the hydraulic system is being protected against wear and corrosion.

High operational reliability under all circumstances

Sun Test Systems guarantees high operational reliability and low maintenance costs under all circumstances. This has to do with the thorough and solid design of our equipment and the high-quality components. We use non-corrodible materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. Our test equipment is very compact and yet all components are easily reachable for maintenance.

High ease of use, multi employability and low noise level

Ease of use is the starting point for the operation and maintenance of both manually and computerized versions of our test equipment. The computerized test equipment incorporates aircraft specific, pre-programmed data and the operator is guided  through the test procedure step by step.


  • All Sun Test Systems equipment can easily be adjusted to various types of aircraft.
  • Our products meet strict noise requirements which allows an operator not to wear hearing protection.