Universal hydraulic test stand

This hydraulic test stand is designed for testing a wide range of both linear and rotating aircraft and helicopter components in an efficient and safe way. This test stand has the unique Gun-drive capability for the hydraulic motor of the F16 gun drive.

Applicable Aircraft:

  • All existing helicopters and aircraft.
  • All existing fighters: F16, F18, F35 JSF, Typhoon, Eurofighter, Mirage, Hawk, Tornado, Alpha Jet etc.


In principle every hydraulic component can be tested on this bench, as long as LRU’s specifications are within those of the bench.

  • Linear Actuators (auto-cycling), with or without limit switches
  • Valves
  • Hydro motors
  • Hydro pumps (up to15.000 RPM)
  • Gun Drive (for F16, automatic), with auto RPM-Torque Closed-Loop-Control Curves, timing measurements
  • Main Landing Gear Servo (automatic recording hysteresis curve).

General characteristics:

  • Fully computer controlled, testing in Manual, Semi-Auto and Automatic mode
  • 2 identical 3500 psi 35 GPM pumps with flow measurement can be both separately pressurized or flow controlled
  • Pumps can be combined to one test point for full flow of 70 GPM and flows can be combined to one test point with flow readout on flow meter

Rotating parts (Hydro pumps and motors) test compartment:

  • Electric Powered Drive 0..13.000 RPM, 98kW
  • Computer controlled hydraulic rotational brake, 8.000 RPM with Rotating Torque Transducer. Can be used in both Speed Control or Torque Control mode
  • The oil flow to Hydraulic motors can be regulated using pressure flow regulation
  • Outlet Pressure and Case Drain Pressure regulation with integrated

Linear components test compartment:

  • High Flow Low pressure outlet
  • 3 regulated and flow metered return systems
  • 3 computer controlled 0 to 30VDC 5A power supplies
  • Computer Controlled Servo Current, 0..200mADC
  • 6 general use Pressure Transmitters (gauge and differential) with different ranges
  • Static computer controlled high pressure nitrogen system, with possibility for automatic leak tests (time/pressure loss)
  • Pneumatically controlled oil components provision
  • Automatic computer controlled temperature regulators (up to 150°F) are included in the software.


Range Unit
Static pressure 0-10.000 psig
Dynamic pressure 0-5.000 psig
Oil flow 0-70 GPM
Temperature 80-150 °F
Speed 15.000 RPM
Power 98 @6.000RPM kW
All types of hydraulic oil
Air pressure 0-6.000 psig