Hydraulic Test Equipment

The AHT series are designed to perform the following functions:

  • Provide a source of hydraulic power to operate the aircraft’s hydraulic systems and controls for functional and operational tests without the necessity of starting the aircraft engines.
  • Test aircraft’s hydraulic system for function checks, for indication of malfunctions, for flow and pressure checks, leakages, etc.
  • Filter, de-aerate and dehydrate the aircraft’s hydraulic fluid continuously during testing.
  • Drain, flush and refill the aircraft’s hydraulic systems.

Our product range (all trolleys feature the improved closed loop system and can either be electrically driven or diesel driven) contains:

AHT87 and AHT88 series

The AHT87 and AHT88 are compact and solid built hydraulic testers provided with a single hydraulic system. This serie is developed for small and medium-sized helicopters, including the Lynx and Hawk trainer/fighter. This equipment can be lifted and placed by 4 persons in a cargo space of a truck or landrover.


AHT94 and AHT95 series

The AHT94 and AHT95 are compact, solid, and manually operated hydraulic testers, provided with a dual outlet system. This series is developed for all helicopters and medium-sized aircraft including the C130 and can be delivered in ‘red oil’ and ‘skydrol’ variants for commercial aircraft.

94B en Chinook (KLu) - 1200 dpi - JPEG2

AHT25, AHT30 and AHT35 series

The AHT25, AHT30 and AHT35 are mobile hydraulic testers suitable for all (fighter) aircraft like the Eurofigher, the F18, F15, F16, Migs and other large aircraft like the C17. The equipment is provided with a complete dual hydraulic system and is suitable for use in high ambient/tropical temperatures. They can either be  delivered in computer or  manually controlled operation and in ‘red oil’ and ‘skydrol’ variants.

35.4- EF2000 CIMG1129

AHT82 en AHT83 series

The AHT82 and AHT83 are computer operated hydraulic testers, especially developed for the German Air Force fighter aircraft like the Eurofighter and Tornado.

82SA-G en EF-2000

AHT85 en AHT86 series

The AHT85 and AHT86 are computer operated hydraulic testers, especially developed for the German Air Force helicopters and medium sized aircraft.

86SA-G - zwarte achtergrond 40x60


Hydraulic testers which are especially developed for the German Navy, for use on board of frigates carrying helicopters. These testers are resistant to forces up till 90 G of e.g. mine or grenade explosions.

84S-AMQ - leeg

AHT10 series

The AHT10 is a compact, lightweight, manually operated and air-operated hydraulic test unit.

OX38 DSC_3734 front view vrijstaand of AA

Customer specific adjustments

A number of options which can be included in the testers are:

  • The AA-GIO® system that measures the amount of un-dissolved gas in the high and low pressure system of the aircraft
  • ECMU interface for use on EF2000 aircraft
  • Oil contamination measurement, measuring water and particle pollution in the hydraulic fluid of the aircraft
  • Extended hoses
  • Electric driven cable drums
  • Remote control.