Mobile hydraulic testing equipment

Our products support, test and clean the hydraulic system of almost all aircraft and helicopters.

The equipment is standard provided with a unique Improved Closed Loop system whereby the hydraulic aircraft systems are continuously, completely and thoroughly cleaned, degassed and dehumidified during hydraulic testing. Sun Test Systems offers an extensive product range of electric or diesel driven equipment.

Our hydraulic testing equipment is developed in close cooperation with our customers for use under challenging environmental conditions  and incorporate of a number of important and distinguishing features (extremely clean oilincreased availability, high operational reliability, high ease of use, universal application and low noise level).

Mobile multi functional test equipment

Our multi functional test equipment combines a multitude of functions in one compact device.

The products which we have developed for the UK Ministry of Defence have made us an expert in the field of multi functional test carts. Since then we have extended our product range and supplied to various customers world-wide. The multi functional equipment is used in both military and humanitarian ‘out of area’ operations and/or at the base. The products have, to the complete satisfaction of our customers, proven their value in the current conflict areas of Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali.

  • Saving costs and space in logistic footprint, up to 70%
  • Safer working conditions, less noise, less fuel consumption and improved overview around the platform  and reduced cost compared to traditional  GSE. Some variants are suitable for speeds up to  80 km/hour on the road and for off-road use.
  • The purchasing costs are less than the aggregate of traditional test equipment.

Mentioned advantages of our multi functional equipment are combined with the unique features of the hydraulic test equipment (improved closed loop, extremely clean oil, increased availability, high operational reliability, high ease of use, universal use and low noise level).

Customer specific developments

We welcome the opportunity to develop new products with our customers on the basis of our knowledge and experience. Starting point are your functional requirements.

Some examples:

  • Dye Mix Trolley: for filling mixture pods of the Red Arrows Hawk aircraft.
  • MFASS®: a multifunctional and self powered washing equipment.
  • AA-GIO® stand alone: a unique and high tech system that measures the amount of undissolved gas in the high and low pressure system of the aircraft.

Quotation requests

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