Testing Cars and Trucks

Sun Test Systems develops, produces and installs high-quality testing equipment suitable for dynamic vehicle testing at the end of the production line.

As a result of the long-term and intensive cooperation with our customers products have come into being with unique features such as high safety, great flexibility, optimal operational reliability and low costs during the long life span.

The product program consists of:

  • Multi Functional Roll, Brake and ABS Testing equipment for passenger cars and trucks
  • Low Speed Brake, ABS and EBS Testing equipment
  • 48ยบ chassis dynamometer for climatic testing.


  • High operational reliability and availability of the testing equipment
  • Focus on low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Multiple vehicle use through automatic tyre size adaptation for heavy trucks and distribution trucks, busses and coaches as well as bus chassis
  • Open software source
  • Reduced cycle time due to:
    • simultaneously testing up to 5 axles
    • automatic dedicated testing of vehicle variants.